by @foolmoron
for Ludum Dare 31
with RVA Game Jams

Super Resizer launches a popup in your browser and does a lot of crazy stuff with it! Please ALLOW THE POPUP and don't worry if the popup starts moving around, IT'S NOT A VIRUS! Thanks for playing!

Launching Super Resizer in a popup in...


(click to launch immediately)

Use Chrome! Firefox should be fine too. Safari isn't great, but it works. IE doesn't work at all!
Resize the popup to move around
Move the popup to give yourself space
Watch out for the dangerous maximize and close browser buttons
You lose energy when you resize the screen. When your energy runs out, it's game over!
Use browser/OS shortcuts for maximum skill (Alt+Tab is your friend)
The game is balanced for 1920x1080, but maybe you can get an advantage with other resolutions?

Source on GitHub!