November 11, 2015 by Momin Khan    Announcement Web Dev

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my new website. It’s still under construction and needs some polish and a couple of features, but it’s presentable. It’s at least a lot better than my old website, which I made almost two years ago and never really felt right to me.

For this new website, I had a few requirements:

  • Hosted on Github
  • Blogging system
  • Easy to add content
  • Not made from scratch

Clearly, Jekyll is the perfect fit for these requirements. It’s a static blog site generator that has tight Github integration, and it has a lot of support and existing themes to use. I should’ve had another requirement: not a huge pain to customize, but I’ll write another post about that later…

Anyway, I found this nice minimalistic theme and heavily customized it to have a desaturated colorful look. Maybe customized too much, but I couldn’t resist.

So go ahead and check out my posts and projects and feel free to give me some feedback on twitter @foolmoron or any social platform using the icons at the top of the page!